Optiqpap special issueThe OptiQPAP consortium members have been invited to organize a Special Issue ‘Advanced high strength steels by quenching and partitioning‘ in the open-access journal Metals, which belongs to the Q1 journals in the area of Metallurgy. The main objectives of this Special Issue are to disseminate the recent developments in application of quenching and partitioning heat treatment to processing of third generation advanced high strength steels and to facilitate a more intense development in this field of research. The Special Issue welcomes research articles and reviews addressing theoretical and experimental design of steels and quenching and partitioning process, microstructure of quenched and partitioned steels, their mechanical and performance properties, quenching and partitioning process – microstructure – properties relationship, as well as examples of their industrial applications. It is oriented to researchers from universities and industrial research centers and to steel producers directly involved in the production and product development. The deadline for submission of papers is set to September 30, 2019. The manuscripts can be submitted on-line via link



The OptiQPAP project has received funding from the European Union’s Research Fund for Coal and Steel under grant agreement nº 709755