Consortiums of three RFCS-funded projects (OptiQPAP, TOOLKIT and MuSTMeF) have actively participated in the cross-project Workshop OpTOMuST organized by Dr. Piet Kok (TATA Steel) and Prof. Leo Kestens (University of Ghent) on February 11-13, 2019 in Ghent. The participants had an opportunity to present and discuss their research activities in the area of development and optimization of advanced high strength steels. The OptiQPAP project was presented by two talks. Presentation of Dr. Ilchat Sabirov (IMDEA) focused on development of thermo-mechanical processing routes and quenching and partitioning process to optimize quenched and partitioned steels for industrial applications with the emphasis laid on their in-use properties. Another talk given by Dr. Carola Celada (TU Delft) was mainly focused on modelling of quenching and partitioning steels to predict their properties and to design the optimal microstructures with desired mechanical properties. The event was preceded by a regular OptiQPAP face-to-face project meeting. The consortium partners presented and discussed the recent outcomes of their research activities within frame of the OptiQPAP project and updated activities for the next six months.

Photos: Presenters and participants during OpToMuST Workshop.

OpToMuST Workshop total

The OptiQPAP project has received funding from the European Union’s Research Fund for Coal and Steel under grant agreement nº 709755